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Updated 1-6-2021

If you are considering submitting music for review to Cutting Edge Voices I do hope that you have noticed from the front page that this site focuses solely on female artists. If you are a male group or a male solo artist please don't waste your postage or your review copy on CEV as it will not be reviewed, mentioned or featured on the website. There are plenty of other websites out there that will be able to help you promote your music but CEV is not one of them. That said I want to invite female artists out there to send in your music in whatever way you choose to Cutting Edge Voices. By female artists I mean solo singer/songwriter artists, jazz vocals or instrumental artists, women who front a band that is otherwise male is appropriate, if you are a woman whose vocals adorn electronica music you are welcome here too. In a nutshell CEV is trying to be a site that covers as many genres of female music as possible. Everything from indie artists and those who are just starting to make it too.  

The form that you choose to submit music to CEV is flexible as well. If you’d like to submit a track or two via e-mail that is a great way to introduce me to your music to CEV. If you’d like to send your entire album in to CEV just give me a link where it can be downloaded or if you use one of the services like Dropbox just send me a link to where it is on Dropbox and I will be glad to download it from there. Since moving to PA I now have a relatively fast connection to the internet and large files to download no longer are a problem. The other option is simply to let me know about your newest release and let me know that it is on Spotify or some other streaming service and I will listen to it from there. There are lots of ways that we can connect with your music. Just choose the one that you’d like to use and I will take it from there.

If you want to send a physical CD copy of your music to CEV then you can mail the CD and/or your physical press kit to the following address (this is the new PA address for submissions):  

CEV Reviews
P.O. Box 1066
Quakertown, PA 18951


It would probably be best if you contacted me before sending the CD as it might save you some money and time if the music isn't something that is likely to be reviewed on CEV. If you point me in the direction of some of your work online I will check it out and see if it is something that I can get behind. You can still send music in without checking with me first and that is entirely up to you. Sometimes I find that some of the best music that comes across my desk is music that is unsolicited. So fire away.  

About reviews. I do hope that most of you as artists or PR firms you are aware that not everything I receive will receive a review on CEV. I mentioned above that your music must be something that I can get behind before it or you will be featured on the site. The truth of the matter is that I don't always like everything that I receive. I pride myself on having a very broad taste in music but sometimes either the music or the quality of the promo copies I receive aren't something that I can in all honesty promote to my readers. I just want those who submit music to me to be aware of these facts of life.  

I am looking forward to your submissions and if they are good then I will be the first to let my readers know that you are a talented individual whose music should be sought out and purchased. I don't like to write negative reviews even though sometimes it is necessary. I would rather spend my time pointing out the best new music and not worry about the music that I didn't think added up. Maybe to someone else that music was the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone has an opinion and mine is just mine. No more or less than that. Use the mailing address above or send me an address where I can download your music or simply listen to full track samples.

While it is certainly going to be the exception rather than the rule if you are a PR firm or an author that has a music book that you are promoting please feel free to send along a review copy of that as well to the address above. I know that there are many music industry books, music how to books and behind the scenes music books published every year and I would like to be involved with that as well. Books are a little different though because they won't necessarily be about female artists or written by female authors but the information in the book will apply to anyone in the music industry male or female.

Thanks for being involved with CEV. 

Michael Foster, editor