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Tall Like the Tree:
CEV talks to Delaney Gibson

CEV:   I don't even remember the age of 5 but I was reading that you have been performing since then so how is it that you were performing at such an early age and how did your parents encourage you in this endeavor? 

DG:  My first concert was in kindergarten!  I played the part of Noah's Conscience and I think I really only got the solo song because I was the only kid in class that could memorize the words!  But, it turned out that I could sing too and I haven't stopped since.

CEV:  From the age of  5 until you went off to college at San Francisco State University how did you continue to improve yourself in regards to your music/singing/songwriting and as you got older did you realize that music was going to end up being a career that you pursued?  

DG:  I realized music would be my career at five as crazy as that sounds.  I continued to sing anywhere that would have me school plays, friends houses, random talent shows and then at age nine I started classical voice lessons.  My voice teacher wouldn't take students under 12 but she made an exception for me since I was so eager to learn and had a natural ability.  


I studied classical but, I continued to perform more popular music in theater and in clubs and concerts and started writing music and playing the guitar when I was around 12 years old.  That's when I really got the songwriting bug! 

CEV:  How was it that college focused your energy in regards to your career? 

DG:  I was a music major in college but to tell you the truth I missed a lot of college because I would spend up to 8 hours a day in the piano practice rooms just teaching myself to play and writing songs.  I remember I missed an entire week of school because I wanted to finish this song I had been writing!  I get really focused on certain aspects of music and school was wonderful to learn but it really taught me how much passion I had for it too! College is where I really starting my love affair with the piano.

CEV:  Do you feel that your voice training has helped you to utilize your voice more effectively than you might have before?  

DG:  I think I was born with a voice but, training really helps me out in so many ways.  Like I know how to sing correctly so I never get tired singing and I can play gigs for like four hours straight and be fine where a lot of singers would lose their voice.  You have to be careful not to let the training take away your creativity though.

CEV:  It sounds like once you had your degree in music you knew what was next for you. Tell me about the period of time that found you finishing up your education and then moving full force into a musical career.  

DG:  Actually, school was always a side thing for me.  I was focused on my career more than I was ever focused on school!  I knew that I never wanted to be one of those kids that went to school and didn't work in music while they were in school.  I always found it really important to maintain my connections and keep working at my career.  School was in no way a break from that goal.

CEV:  Did you have the songs already written for your EP entitled Cruel and Beautiful by the time you had finished college?

DG:  I really wrote those songs while I was in school.

CEV:  How is it that you found yourself touring with such big names as Streisand, Manilow and Bocelli so soon after you started to move forward with your music career?

DG:  That was one amazing thing about going to college.  You could make some really great connections!  The choir I was in, The Northridge Singers, was asked to perform with Streisand and Manilo at the Kodak Theater.  I opened for Bocelli in San Diego because I was connected to The Vision of Children foundation that was presenting the concert.

CEV:  What do you like most about writing and performing your music?

DG:  Being on stage is the only time I'm fully content and happy in my life.  Not that I am an unhappy person but it feels like something is always missing until I am up on stage.  I like being an open book and spilling my guts out into the world.  It is very cathartic!

CEV:  What do you draw your inspiration from as you sit down to write a new song?

DG:  Real life, my big imagination and a little bit of other peoples stories and lives.  I kind of throw them all together on the wall and see what sticks.  Sometimes I write songs in my dreams too.

CEV: Now that is rather interesting. How is it that one goes about writing songs in their dreams?

DG:  I had a dream that I walked into a nightclub in NYC and saw Gavin Degraw performing and he said this next song is a cover of an amazing singer songwriter Delaney Gibson... then he played "Chicago"  I heard him play the whole song in my dream so I woke up the next morning and thought if it is good enough for him to cover I should write the darn thing!

CEV:  How much of you personally ends up in the lyrics that you write? Does it ever give you pause when you are singing one of your songs that has personal significance to you in front of an audience?

DG:  Most of the stuff I write is truly personal but I stretch it out a bit haha.  I actually have a show next week that I am playing a song about someone that will be in the audience.  I try not to think about it and hope they don't get that it's about them!  If they do I just tell them they should get that narcissistic personality trait checked out!  I rarely share with people that certain lines or songs are about them but, I'm sure they know.

CEV:   It sounds like you had quite the year after you released your Cruel and Beautiful EP. First of all did you expect this much attention from your first release?

DG:  Honestly, I think my album "The Worst Kind of Way" was where I started getting some great feedback.  I really feel like that album is my first release and where I really did the music I wanted to do.  But, since that release I have been moving so fast that I can't really believe how great it has been!

CEV:  Which brings us to the follow up full length CD which was released in Sept. of 2008 called The Worst Kind of Way. What expectations did you have of yourself in regards to what was going to go into this new CD in terms of the songs and the themes? 

DG:  The Worst Kind of Way is my story, my time, my way... The Worst Kind of Way because I had so many people telling me how I should sound or what direction to go in that I just ignored them all and did it my way.  I just wanted to make an album that I was proud of and I did.  It's a really hard then to do because I tend to be really hard on myself.

CEV:  Did you feel any pressure to follow up your very successful EP with an equally successful full length CD?

DG:  Again, I still feel like my album was my first release because with the EP I don't think I found my sound at all!  I was really just listening to other people.  It was great because it got my name out there but I wasn't happy with the music by any means.  But, it taught me about what I did want to do.

CEV:  Tell me about a few of your favorite songs on The Worst Kind of Way and where they came from in terms of inspiration and musical composition?

DG:  I am most proud of Chicago.  

CEV:  What is it that you like about Chicago and why do you feel proud about this composition?

DG:  I think it really finally gets to the point of the style of music I want to be doing.  A bitter sweet singer/songwriter moment.  I think when I song comes out of a dream like it did it is supposed to be there in some weird way.  I feel at home when I play that song live.

CEV:  What's the greatest thing that's been said about your music?

DG:  When people say a song of mine has helped them get through their day.  That is the biggest compliment.

CEV:  How do you feel about touring and live shows? Why? 

DG:  If I could be on the road for the rest of my life I would be the happiest girl in the world!  Nothing beats life on the road!  The freedom of never knowing what city you are going to wake up in and the wonderful people that you meet at shows!  I wouldn't trade it for anything!

CEV:  When you're on the road, how do you stay healthy?

DG:  As a general rule, I am a pretty healthy eater Coffee for breakfast Chocolate for lunch And Red Wine for dinner... haha you think I'm kidding! I love good cheese and wine could have that everyday!

CEV:  What is the most adventurous food you've ever eaten?

DG:  Ethiopian food!  It made me really sick though so I don't think I will have it again although it was really goood!

CEV:  Have you seen any great live shows lately?

DG:  Amber Rubarth, Joey Ryan, Shane Alexander, and Chris Pierce 

All amaaaazing writers and performers!  I see a ton of shows because they all just inspire me to be a better writer.

CEV:  How do you feel about how personal the internet has made the interactions between performer and fan? 

DG:  You know, I like to keep my personal stuff personal!  I already give away most of myself with my songs as it is I don't think I should put up anything too personal but, sometimes that seems like what the people want.  I miss the old days before US Weekly and the Rag Mags.  Where you would only see celebrities once or twice a year on the red carpet.  There was a sense of mystery that I think we lose these days.

CEV:  What is your guilty pleasure band?

DG:  My Chemical Romance!  I am in love with Gerard Way and think their music is amazing!  His lyrics are brilliant and the emotion he puts into a song is beautiful and inspiring.

CEV:  What's next for you in this brand new year and what are you looking to do with your career in the long term?

DG:  I am already in the pre-production stage of album number 2! We should start tracking in March and we are looking at a Summer release!  I am just touring and writing as much as I can and soaking up this life!

CEV:  Well thanks so much for taking the time out to talk with us and I'm sure album number 2 will be just as good as your current album.