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Lucid Fly

Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
Building Castles In Air by Lucid Fly

Building Castles in Air
by Lucid Fly

Lucid Fly founders Nikki Layne and Doug Mecca joined forces in Orlando, Florida in 2001. On the hunt for the perfect name, a friend stumbled over an old newspaper with a headline that read Lucid Flies Into The Record Book, featuring an article on astronaut Shannon Lucid, who had broken the record for the longest duration in space by an American, as well as by a female. From that headline, Lucid Fly was born. The band exploded onto the Orlando music scene and quickly gained a large and devoted following. 2005 saw the release of their debut EP, Adapting To Gravity.

After playing venues all over Florida for a couple of years, singer Nikki and guitarist Doug saw it was time to head out to California to win over the West Coast. In L.A., they teamed up with drummer Aaron Ficca, who has toured with acts like Macy Gray. In October 2014, the band released a collection of 3 singles called "Stasis" to follow up their second EP titled "The Escape Stage" which has received stellar feedback and has also continued to grab audiences attention and widen their fan base.         

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ChloŽ March

Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
Divining by ChloŽ March

ChloŽ read a lot of books and listened to a lot of music - the sound of her mum practising the piano was the soundtrack to her life. From early on she started to improvise and write songs and record them in her brother's caravan at the bottom of the garden. Her inspiration has always been from the landscape, and from history, myths, fairytales, folklore and archetypes.  

ChloŽ has released two albums ~ Snowdrop and Divining and has composed music for theatre productions and choreographers, the most recent being a 40min original score for the dance/theatre piece "realPolitik" choreographed by Julie Hope and performed at the Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University, May 2008

As keyboard player with 'Cousteau' in 2005 Chloe toured the U.K and Italy, appearing at venues such as Bush Halls, King Tuts, The Borderline, the amphitheatre at Recanati, Rome, Puglia, Sardinia, Tarvisio and in the video of 'Sadness' and on live tv, radio etc...

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Hannah Georgas

Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
The Beat Stuff EP by Hannah Georgas

Hannah Georgas is a quirky, highly-sensitive, whimsical and yet extremely serious Vancouver-based singer/ songwriter who will one day win over Jack Black and take his hand in marriage. Born and raised in one of the many suburbs of the T.O., she wrote her first song on the piano at the age of 5 in reference to her talent that God gave her. Inspired by late summer night jam sessions around camp fires the guitar became her new instrument of choice and travels. Influenced by a broad scope of musical talent - from Billy Corgan and his melancholy lyrics to Janet Jackson and her strong sexual desires - Hannah developed her own style she likes to call Folk pop. From playing the small coffee shops in Victoria to rocking out with her band at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Hannah Georgas continues to fascinate her audiences with her infectious and spellbinding melodies. Hannah recently won The Music BC Songbird West Singer/Songwriter Competition for 2008. She is currently recording her EP at Hipposonic Studios. Hannah opens up her heart and soul with her music and seizes those pure moments you only wish you could describe. Her memorable songs will captivate your heart and put a smile on your face.

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Charlotte Martin


Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
Stromata by Charlotte Martin

Coming into her own as a composer/producer/engineer, Charlotte experimented extensively in the studio, both lyrically and sonically, for Stromata. Unafraid, she wrote about faith and relationships, allowing herself to be honest about letting some things go and fiercely holding on to others. She approached the production with the same fearlessness. Looking to nobody but herself in the studio, Charlotte completed all of the initial demos and digital percussion on her own -a stark and compelling contrast to the full-on live band and orchestra recordings of On Your Shore. In addition to implementing new micing methods and rhythmic ideas, Charlotte explored the far reaches of her own vocal harmonizing and layering techniques, resulting in a powerfully diverse collection of tracks showcasing the true power of her voice and skill as a songwriter. 

Stromata stands as Charlotte's most ambitious and experimental album to date. Resonant drums, electronic flourishes, and illustrative synth and keyboard work form a lush backdrop for Charlotte's expressive storytelling and classically trained voice. Stromata is the expression rooted in a lifetime of experience forming the fabric of a true artist.

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Justin  Elswick 

aka Sleepthief

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Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
The Dawnseeker  by Sleepthief

The Dawnseeker

Justin Elswick may be an anomaly in the music industry--a full-time attorney who has somehow found the tenacity and creative inspiration to create a lush and innovative e-pop vocal album under the Sleepthief moniker. Cultivating his deep love of epic, transcendent-style electronic / worldbeat / ethereal music and collaborating with his wish-list of amazing vocalists, Justin has forged one of the most breathtaking debut albums in recent memory.

Sleepthief works from an internal impulse to create music that is spiritual in nature - evoking songs from mere ghostly memories and thoughts to full-fledged compositions - delivering one awe-inspiring album. The DAWNSEEKER marks the debut album from Sleepthief - aka Justin Elswick - as one of the most highly anticipated releases in the world of electronica, with the enlisted help of a few friends. The dream list of collaborators includes Kirsty Hawkshaw (B.T., DJ Tiesto, Delerium, Pole Folder), Caroline Lavelle (Radiohead, Loreena McKennitt, Massive Attack, B.T.), Harland (Ferry Corsten, Delerium, Human II Human), Kristy Thirsk (Delerium, Rose Chronicles), Jody Quine (Balligomingo), Kyoko Baertsoen (Lunascape), Nicola Hitchcock (Mandalay), Roberta Carter Harrison (Wild Strawberries, ATB), san.drine, Jerry Eckert (Desert Wind), and Lauren Edman.

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Rachel Sage 

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Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
The Blistering Sun  by Rachel Sage

The Blistering Sun

The Blistering Sun "focuses on the rare moments where action follows instinct, without procrastination". The 15 tracks of "wildly expressive, moody, edgy folk" (Paste), show Sage at her most adventurous, both topically and musically. An uncompromising urgency to stay true to one's vision - whether it be creative ("Featherwoman"), romantic ("Proof"), or in terms of maintaining dignity in the face of tragedy ("93 Maidens") - is the unwavering throughline. Year-round touring has given her voice a new level of expressiveness in the studio, and The Blistering Sun reveals a restless spirit transforming chaos into opportunity. To capture her vision, Sage enlisted a colorful array of A-list musicians including violinist Allison Cornell (Cyndi Lauper), drummer Dean Sharp (Moby), guitarist Jack Petruzelli (Rufus Wainwright), bassist Todd Sickafoose (Ani DiFranco) and cellist Julia Kent (Antony & The Johnsons). The CD was recorded by longtime collaborator John Shyloski and mixed by Kevin Killen (Prince, Duncan Sheik, Elvis Costello).

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Dina Gathe 





Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
Bother Me  by Dina Gathe

Bother Me

Razor-sharp guitars, sexy vocals and sparkling song craft: Dina Gathe fuses a wealth of influences into a singular modern rock sound that is both unique and accessible at the same time. Think No Doubt meets The Pretenders and Evanescence.

On her debut CD, "Bother Me", she invites you to experience songs that are thought-provoking, energetic, fun, funky and edgy.  Dina's straight-to-the-point lyrics and vocal moods shift playfully between straight-up in-yo-face rock, sarcastic life observations, and a fun, childlike sense of wonder as her guitar guides you musically through the journey.

Although a stint working in corporate America paid lucrative dividends and offered up lessons in marketing and branding, Dina knew what was missing. Forsaking the power suit and expense account, she founded Soundstruck Music in 2001 with partner Patricia (PK) Koprowski, and began recording and producing new material. Dina has two songs on the "Females on Fire" compilation CD (www.femalesonfire.com ) while another tune, "Solid Ground" has recently been tapped as the opening and closing theme for Charter cable's weekly series, The Rustam Report, hosted by Denise Ames.

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Rachel Merchand 

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Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
The Ashling
 by Rachel Merchand

The Ashling

Ash-ling (n): a dream or vision

This Gaelic title appropriately describes the debut full length album of Rachel Merchand as it draws on her journey from dreams to reality. Ten beautifully honest songs pour forth from her soul, speaking of love, struggle, and the pursuit of truth. The lyrics are striking and the melodies provoking, as she gives the listener a glimpse into her heart.

Dawning from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Rachel has brought a fresh and thought-provoking perspective into acoustic-rock genre. She began performing at age 13, but did not begin writing music until 21. "I was trying so hard to incorporate tons of chords and write something poetic - I really didn't even know how to play the guitar... I gave up and that is when I wrote 'Humble'."

In April of 2003, Rachel independently released an EP, New Version of Me. The direction of this recording quickly shifted her musical career from an occasional pastime to a focused endeavor. Music then became a priority and led to a move to Charlotte, NC to pursue music full-time. It was there that the isolation of a new city laid the foundation for her new release.

In the past year, Rachel has performed solo at various venues along the east coast including, The Inside Out Soul Fest (Laconia, NH) and Tremont Music Hall (Charlotte, NC). These opportunities enabled her to expand her fan base and move out beyond Charlotte. New Version of Me is currently aired on radio stations around the US, web radio world wide and was featured on the television show, Steelroots.

Rachel's choice to remain independent from corporate media stems from her desire to maintain her unique artistic integrity. This resulted in the recruitment of Matt Malpass (El Toro!, The Apprentice) at Marigolds & Monsters Studios for production and Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, The Faint) at Studio B for mastering. Various musicians scattered on the album, include Matt Goldman (Copeland, Anberlin) and cellist Jennifer Millis (Charlotte Junior Symphony).

The Ashling delicately breaks down issues into basic pleas for help, confronts the hard times with honest desperation yet come to hopeful conclusions. As you experience the joys and struggles of your own journey, may you be inspired and moved by these songs.

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Denise Barbarita 





Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
Chaos and Congeniality
 by Denise Barbarita

Chaos and Congeniali

In 1994, Denise Barbarita, a native of Newark, DE, graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Production and Engineering. Soon after, she moved to New York City, and from 1994-1999, she worked at honing her craft as an engineer; beginning as an intern at Right Track Studios, moving on to becoming an assistant engineer at studios like The Looking Glass and Battery Studios, then finally she found her home where she is now a staff engineer, at Kampo Studios. As a recording engineer, Denise has worked with a long list of top selling and independent artists alike. Some credits include Grammy nominated artists such as Angie Stone, Karrin Allyson, Herbie Hancock, David Byrne, Mary J. Blige and The Roots. Independents include, singer/songwriters, Brenda Kahn, Kristi Martel, Halley Devestern, and guitarist, Michael Hewett. Since 2002, Denise has focused her efforts towards the artistic side of the glass. Her debut album, "Beauty Lied" hit the shelves with rave reviews in 2002.  "Beauty Lied" exhibits her abilities as a singer/songwriter as well as showcasing her talentsas an engineer/producer.

Tracks from "Beauty Lied" have received national and international airplay and 6 songs from the album have been featured regularly on the daytime television drama, "One Life to Live".  She has also been featured in numerous national magazines, most notably, "Women Who Rock", "WomanRock", and "Billboard". In June 2005, Denise released her 2nd CD, "Chaos and Congeniality". She continues to tour in support of her new release, wowing audiences across theU.S. with her live performances. She has been involved in many charity events over the past few years, organizing music events to raise funds for Lifebeat, Indie Music for Life (a cancer research benefit concert series) and Second Harvest. She has performed for numerous events to raise funds for the organization, R.A.I.N.N. When not on the road, Denise works hard to help other independent and major label artists realize their dreams of making great albums in the studio.

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Laura Sullivan 

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Cutting Edge Voices' Focus on
Mystical America
 by Laura Sullivan


Mystical America  

Laura grew up on a farm with spectacular views of both Mt. Lassen and Mt Shasta in the Northern California Ishi Wilderness. Raised in a musical family, Laura began learning to play the piano through her mother's teaching at the age of 4 years old. At age 8 she was composing her first compositions and by the time she was 18 she had composed a body of work, including 6 feature length musicals. Laura then founded a children's musical theater company called
"Star Company"
through which she composed and directed her own shows, receiving rave reviews in local Northern California press.

Laura's appreciation for our environment blossomed in the wilderness setting where she grew up and continues to influence and inspire her compositions to this day. Her 2003 release, Pianoscapes for the Trails of North America, included a song inspired by each of the National Scenic Trails, such as the Appalachian, Continental Divide and the Pacific Crest. Pianoscapes continues to be well received in retail sales, featured programs and radio airplay and debuted at #5 on Apple Itunes, sustaining a rank in the Top Ten downloaded NEW AGE CD's for over 3 months. RJ Lannan of the New Age Reporter writes of this release: "Laura Sullivan's music shimmers with an effervescent vitality." A portion of the proceeds of this CD are currently benefiting the National Arbor Day Foundation's tree planting programs. In the spirit of this effort, included within each CD jewel case are tree seeds of the Blue Spruce which the listeners can plant in Laura's unique program called "Buy a CD & Plant a Tree."

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