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Building Castles In Air
by Lucid Fly




CEV:  You were just starting to work on the music that was going to become Building Castles in Air last we spoke. Tell me about how the early work on Building Castles in Air went for you and the group. 

NL:  We actually started working on the new material for “Building Castles In Air” back in 2011. We put out a 3-song EP titled “Stasis” in January of 2015, so that was probably what we were working on the last we spoke! For me personally, going into the writing process (especially the lyrics) I wanted to be as transparent and honest with myself as I could be. I wanted to have a real emotional connection with the material so that when I perform them, the audience will feel that emotion too.  

CEV:  What kind of music are your fans going to find from Lucid Fly when the album is eventually released? Any new directions that the group is exploring with this new album? 

NL:  We really explored and pushed our boundaries with this album. There is still the signature “Lucid Fly” sound with intricate but heavy guitars, and melodic vocals, but there is much more complexity in the rhythms. We play around a lot with different time signatures, while still maintaining an even flow.  

CEV:  Tell me about the writing process that Lucid Fly goes through when you are working on and trying out new songs such as what ended up on this project. 

NL:  Generally, we come up with seeds of ideas and an arrangement that flows start to finish. Then, typically, we will rehearse the songs and rework any parts that don’t feel right. We each take our parts and make them “our own” and then, that process sort of starts over again.  A song is never really complete until we all like our own parts, and they all compliment each other. There is a lot of compromising, collaborating and then lots of pre-production LOL! It’s a process that can be time consuming, but we always love the finished product and that makes the songs fun to play! 

CEV:  Does trying out new material in concert help you understand a song better than just rehearsing it in a studio or when you get together? 

NL:  Trying out new material live definitely has its benefits. You can see if the tempo is right and also if the audience is resonating with the song as a whole or specific parts.

In the past, we have performed songs that we are writing before they are actually tracked. With this new set of 10 songs, we have only played one out live so far, so this will be a new experience for us, seeing how the audience reacts – but also having the excitement and anticipation of playing songs that are produced, but no one has heard yet. 

CEV:  What kinds of inspirations were involved in the songs that you wrote for Building Castles in Air? 

NL:  Building Castles In Air was inspired mostly by real life experiences. It’s about how we’ve grown (as musicians and
people), who we’ve met along this journey, and who we will meet once this cd comes to life! We feel this is a cycle completing itself…but a new beginning all the same. It combines authenticity, exploration, nostalgia, contrast and so much more.  

CEV:  Where did the name of the album come from and what does the idea of building castles in air mean to you and the band? 

NL:  The name of the album comes from a lyric in one of our favorite songs on the album.

Deep into the writing process we realized the songs had taken on a life of themselves, and ultimately Building Castles In Air represents everything we have learned on our musical journey so far – finding our individual voices and dreaming BIG!  

CEV:  As an indie band how is it that you have funded your new album up to where you are now? 

NL:  We have been all DIY up to this point. We have mostly funded everything from working part time jobs, but also from donations, royalties and cd/merch sales from our previous releases.  

CEV:  How is it that Lucid Fly uses all of the social media avenues to connect with your fans in 2015 to make sure that they know what you are up to with new music? Is that a lot of work and how much satisfaction do you get from interacting with your fans that way? 

NL:  Lucid Fly is on all the major social media platforms, and it’s definitely a challenge to keep up with all the new technology and fast pace, but the rewards of meeting new fans from all over the world, who might have otherwise never found our music, has been life changing! We have met life long friends because of the internet and social media. I personally feel life is all about relationships and connecting, so all the interactions have been very satisfying. 

CEV:  So tell me about IndieGoGo and what it means to Lucid Fly when it comes to funding your latest effort. 

NL:  Indiegogo is an interactive fundraising platform that allows people from all corners of the globe to come together to make ideas, products and dreams happen. This campaign is the biggest push we’ve ever done for our band, and will ultimately help us raise the funds, gain exposure, market the album and help to build a broader fan base that we really need to get our new album off the ground. 

CEV:  Why is it important for artists to have access to sites like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter to help offset the costs of releasing new albums such as Building Castles in Air? 

NL:  Being a musician or a band is expensive! Renting rehearsal spaces, buying and upgrading gear, recording and mixing, artwork, cd duplication, merch and touring...oh my! LOL. And that’s just for starters. The music industry is going through a big transition, so, it’s great for artists to have access to sites like this because it puts the power in the hands of the artists and at the same time gets the fans involved.  It really is a great way to build the artist-fan connection.  

CEV:  What other challenges have you had in bringing Building Castles in Air to life? 

NL:  Because we tried to do the record as DIY as possible in the beginning, a big challenge was time. We wanted to keep the quality and level of production equal or greater to our previous recordings. So, in doing that, it has been a slower process. Also, in 2013, our bassist left the band, so our guitarist learned and tracked all the bass lines with the help of a producer.  All in all, despite any challenges, the entire process has been fun and we can’t wait to share it with the world! 

CEV:  Thank you so much for talking to CEV about your new album and we wish you the best of success now that it is out and available.