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Reviews 12-25-2005


The Girl Who Couldn't Fly

by Kate Rusby

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Celtic influences her own compositions, traditional Irish ballads are set to her own music and light and airy vocals float across the accompaniment of guitar describe the material that Ms. Rusby presents us with on this CD.  

There are twelve tracks total, eleven plus a bonus track.  The works are well produced by John McCusker with vocal accompaniment on a few tracks by Roddy Woomble and Kellie While. 

Ms. Rusbyís vocals are sometimes light and delicate, as in the opening track of The Game of All Fours.  They can also be strong and imposing as in the traditional Mary Blaize which Ms. Rusby has put to music.   

Most of the pieces are ballads, with the exception being You Belong to Me, the Pee Wee King piece.  In the background of this piece we hear the light accent of Ms. Rusby as she makes the work vocally her own.   The acoustic instrumentation highlights her vocals and blends nicely, accenting the work but never overpowering her voice.  

Outstanding tracks on this CD include the traditional pieces which Ms. Rusby has interpreted in her own style of which Mary Blaize is a strong example.  Celtic influences in her own works the Elfin Knight and Little Jack Frost are also outstanding tracks.  She gives a delicate and heartfelt performance in Moon Shadow.  The lyrics and melody are very memorable in Little Jack Frost which is included in a TV production.  And of course, her own personal interpretation of You Belong to Me is a winner. 

This is a lovely presentation of Ms. Rusbyís vocal talents and compositions.  I liked her interpretations of the traditional material, and her own ďnew traditionalĒ pieces.  Ms. Rusby is a delight to listen to and I look forward to more work by her. mafoster

Reviewed by M.A. Foster


On Your Shore

by Charlotte Martin

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We are treated to twelve tracks of Charlotte Martinís compositions that present us with a very good overview of this incredible womanís abilities. One track, a bonus track, is the Stones tune Wild Horses, which amazingly arranged and a very excellent showcase for Ms. Martin's vocal skills. 

Ms. Martinís vocals are influenced by and sometimes reminiscent of a light Tori Amos with a touch of Kate Bush.   But she can also show her own side in her interpretation of her own melodies.  Wild Horses appears to be her own style; her vocals are touching and yet very strong.  

Outstanding tracks include the title track On Your Shore with very memorable lyrics; lovely melody expertly executed and highlights Ms. Martinís own vocal style. 

Limits of Our Love and Your Armor show very Kate Bush influenced vocals and music, but she retains her own style.  Beautifully executed and produced. 

Every Time It Rains shows influences of Tori Amos with some very memorable lyrics and incredible melody.  Very well arranged, and just another stand out track.  Also very Tori Amos is Sweet Chariot, but still retaining her own style of light and airy. 

Up All Night is a very original piece, again presenting us with some memorable lyrics and great music.  Love her harmonies on this piece as well.   

Haunted is more brooding but never oppressing.  This is another outstanding track for its originality and presentation, showing us yet another side to Ms. Martin. 

Beautiful Life, the closing track of her own compositions, brings it all together with more unforgettable lyrics with light and delicate vocals in the subtle melody that we come to expect from Ms. Martinís compositions. 

This CD presents us with a good overview of Ms. Martinís writing talents and vocal abilities.  She is not one to be overlooked and she will be making her presence felt as folks discover this gem.  mafoster

Reviewed by M.A. Foster