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Fistful of Stars


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Jennifer Greer does it right. If I had to choose a line that pretty much describes the review that follows that would be the most succint way of putting my thoughts down in words. It wasn't all that long ago that I received a review copy of Fistful of Stars and I was blown away by Jennifer's voice, her piano playing and come to think of it the entire package including the great production that is evident on each and every track. Even though I would wish that this was the norm for all the review copies that cross my desk here at CEV that is not always the case. In fact it makes finding a CD like Jennifer's all the more sweeter because it is a change of pace from the usual fare.  

I am hard pressed to say which impressed me the most between Jennifer's pitch perfect emotive vocal deliveries on this collection of songs or her keyboard work that simply sparkles on each song perfectly complimenting the richness of her singing voice. The other standout thing about this CD is that all of the tracks are equally compelling and each one pulls you to the next track all the way to the last song leaving you the listener wishing that song 14 was not the end of the CD and that the musical bliss would continue on for another hour.  

The lyrical content of Fistful of Stars is top notch as well. Jennifer's words covers a wide array of subjects. With songs like Woodsy, Paperboys & Unicorns and Red Sapphire you get the idea of how wide ranging Jennifer's songs can be as they wander over the course of this album.  

Another high point of this album is that Jennifer plays well with others. It is apparent that she is just as comfortable with songs that are predominantly her piano and voice as she is as a member of the group of musicians that accompany her on many of the songs on Fistul of Stars. Dare I say it but she has a Tori Amos sort of feel to her playing and her powerful vocal stylings. I don't make that comparrison lightly as I don't usually like to make artist comparisons at all but I just want to impress on you the reader of how much I enjoyed Fistful of Stars.  

I appreciate Jennifer for taking the chance and sending me a copy of her CD to review because I know how hard it is to send your work off to someone that may or may not catch your vision of the music in their reviews of your work. I would recommend that you go up to Jennifer's home page and listen to the tracks there and see if you don't agree that her music is definitely worth the effort. With that said I would highly recommend this CD for the next purchase for your collection.

Reviewed by Michael Foster, editor