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This Too In Time Shall Pass

by Lindy LaFontaine

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I was introduced to Lindy's music when she dropped me an e-mail and invited me to check out her EPK (electronic press kit) on SonicBids which features tracks from her first EP. I get many such invitations and as often as not I don't find anything that resonates with my musical tastes and even less often do I find music that I simply enjoy and want to share with others. My trip up to Lindy's SonicBids site was definitely worth the effort and to my suprise fell into the latter category which is music that I want to share with my readers.  

Lindy has created an impressive EP that will certainly whet the appetite of the listener for her full length album which is due out later this year.  There are 5 tracks on this EP but only three original tunes while the final two tracks are remixes of tracks one and two. I could have wished for 5 different tunes on this EP but the two remixed tracks are sufficiently unique interpretations of the songs that it makes up for the fact that there are only three original tracks. Lindy's vocals have a way of inviting listeners to step into her world and join her on her journey through some interesting musical landscapes. The production values on this EP are top notch and along with some talented musicians combine to provide a perfect backdrop to allow the strength of Lindy's voice to shine through.  

One of the standout tracks is actually the remixed version of Sunday which gives the listener some idea of what Lindy is capable of. Not only does it have a slow groove beat that draws you into the song but Lindy's vocals shimmer on the surface of these grooves as the listener finds themselves drifting away with the laid back atmosphere that this song creates. This song will definitely not dissapoint.  

This EP is certainly a worthy first effort for Lindy and will offer listeners an emotionally satisfying experience as well as production values that shows that a lot of thought went into the songs that were included on this set. Lindy shows herself to be a serious singer/songwriter on this EP with the talent and the aptitude to go far in the music industry. This EP is easy to listen to and retains its appeal even after listening to it several times through. You can expect to hear more from Lindy in the months ahead and if this first collection is any indication I'm sure she will be a force to reckon with. Bottom line go out and get your copy now.  

As a final note be sure to check out Lindy's EPK site on Sonicbids and listen to the song Cry Little Sister. This song really shows off Lindy's vocal chops as she cuts loose on a song that was always a favorite of mine from the 80's vampire movie The Lost Boys. When I first heard this song I was impressed at how it sounded and I was amazed that someone in 2009 would do a cover of a song from an 80's movie. It is a great rendition and will probably drive you to pull out your Lost Boys DVD and listen to the original side by side with Lindy's great new rendition. Just one more reason that I'm sure Lindy's full length album will be worth the wait when it finally comes out later this year.

Visit Lindy's website or Visit Lindy's EPK site on SonicBids